2021 Update

2021 Update

This blog has been very quiet for very long. The reason being last year we purchased a house and moved in fall. This year was the first year in a new, and smaller, garden. It takes a full year to really figure things out when you’re in a new place. I discovered some excellent things, and some frustrating things. But I figured them out, and that is what was important. I learned what I can grow best and where, and it’s given me a great baseline to go into next year.

I will be updating the database now that it’s the end of the season, I had a really stellar year for tomatoes and peppers with the high heat we had.

This project did used to be a lot bigger in scope. I had more room myself, but also I had more helpers growing out for me every year all over the continent. That has shrunk, and now it’s limited to me and my family and friends in my area.

The United States has also made it illegal to send tomato and pepper seeds across the border. They will not accept them without a photosanitary certificate from Canada, which is mind boggling and bizarre. Unfortunately, because of that, I can’t ship tomato seeds to my American friends anymore, which severely limits my ability to spread the seed as much as possible. Of course I’m spreading the seed as much as possible in Canada, but it’s not dramatic to say that by far and large most of the people who requested seed from me were in the United States, so that decision by the United States government has been incredibly disappointing.

So this project has shrunk a little bit in the past few years, but is absolutely still here. Now that I’ve gotten a handle on my new space, I look forward to more updates for you next year. I’ll be not doing distribution in any meaningful sense again this year, besides sharing the seeds with those in Canada who specifically request them.

We’ll see where this project grows into next.