Looking Forward to 2023

Looking Forward to 2023

Ah yes, yet again this blog goes very quiet for a long stretch of time. Quiet but not abandoned. I’ve been quietly updating the wiki routinely, although I lost a lot of my harvest data from the end of 2022 and I won’t be able to have accurate harvest counts for last year (which is incredibly frustrating).

Since my last post I’ve had a baby, which unsurprisingly caused the gardening to play second fiddle, although I did get everything in last year and did keep them from dying all year (so that felt like a win!).

Two years in with a smaller garden and new space and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about this new land. I’ll be diversifying a bit this year, less entire focus on tomatoes, and more varied vegetables to feed the family more fully. Of course they’ll all be OP or heirloom, and I’m excited to try a new variety of corn that’s reportedly from my city here, and is short season with smaller stalks.

I’m incorporating more dye plants into my garden so that I can use them for my natural dyeing projects, so that’s a new fun experiment as well.

As for the seeds for distribution and the shop – that’s obviously been down for a long time, and I’ll be only shipping within Canada when it does go back up. The USA has put in really stringent, ridiculous seed importation laws – even for very small scale shipments – and it’s just not something I have any capacity to deal with. So when that’s back up, Canadian orders only (as Europe also has it’s own very strict importation laws). I can understand strict laws for things like sets and roots – it’s frustrating that small traders/sellers like us are being strangled from helping to keep these varieties alive by overzealous regulation.

That’s my rant for the day – stay tuned for an updated 2023 list, and thanks to all of those that keep visiting and sending messages, even though this site has been extremely quiet the past several months!