Quick End Of Season Round Up

It’s high time I posted an update, but I don’t have everything ready for a big round up yet, so this is pretty short and sweet. I’m feverishly saving seeds at the moment, and almost everything has been saved. Another week or so and everything 

New Additions To The Bank

One of the big reasons why I run the annual seed sale every year is to help procure funds for further acquisitions for the bank. Thanks to everybody who’s purchased seed so far this year, procurement has already begun! Here’s a few of the varieties 

Four More Seed Varieties

I find great joy out of acquiring seeds for varieties that are rare. It’s one of the reasons I’ve started to request a small selection of seeds from Plant Gene Resources Canada every year to grow out for the seed bank. Through this I’ve also 

Spring Has Sprung

Oh, there have been lots of updates around the old site and with the seed bank lately! With spring here on Vancouver Island I’ve been getting my ducks all in a row for the upcoming season, and am very excited with how it’s shaping up 

New Additions, Projects, & More

Solanum grow-outs for 2011 I know it’s been a little quiet around here as of late, but lots of things have been happening behind the scenes, let me tell you! To make it a bit more easily digestible, here’s a handy bulleted list: The seed 

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Oh, I’ve been a busy bee over here in seed bank land. Lots of things to do since getting the seeds, and lots of updates are needed to this website to reflect said changes. The seeds are currently going through germination testing and should be