Seed Grow-Out

The current 2024 list of seeds to grow out. I’ll update this page to include direct links to their wiki pages as they become available.

Please note this may change up until planting time.


    Canadian Dwarf
    Canadian Heart *
    Dwarf Wild Fred
    Hahm’s Gelbe Topftomate
    Italian Winter
    Martino’s Roma
    Nina Neutron
    Orange Tree
    Salt Spring Sunrise
    Siniy *
    Sweet Baby Jade
    Turks Muts *

(*) From the collection of Dan & Val McMurray


    Chocolate Habenero
    Golden Greek
    Grandpa’s Siberian Home
    Weaver’s Mennonite Stuffing


    Canadian Wonder

Other Vegetables

    Beet ‘Cylindra Formanova’
    Carrot ‘Early Scarlet Horn’
    Corn ‘Golden Bantam’
    Slocan Snow Pea
    Squash ‘Futtsu’
    Turnip ‘Gold Ball’

Dye Plants

    Coreopsis Dyer’s
    Cempoalxochitl (Aztec marigold, T. erecta)
    Chamomile, Dyer’s
    Japanese Indigo (Persicaria tinctoria)
    Madder, Dyer’s (Rubia tinctorum, third year plant)
    Scabiosa ‘Black Knight’