Commence Germination Testing

Commence Germination Testing

I love this yearly ritual. It’s always the first gardening thing I get to do each year to kick off the growing season. Especially in my climate, when in January a garden seems so far away (it is currently -20C and snowy as I type 

McMurray Memorial Seed Bank

In the Fall 2014 issue of the Seeds of Diversity member magazine I wrote an article about my friends Dan & Val McMurray, who from their home in Wynndel, BC were the stewards of thousands of varieties of vegetable seeds. Not only did their love 

Weekly Update: More New Articles

Another weekly update from your friendly neighbourhood seed bank! Things haven’t moved as quickly as I generally would have liked the past week or so. Lots of new developments, personally and with the seed bank. But there are some new articles up for you to 

New Article & Seed Bank Info

Well, there’s been lots of bank-end stuff going on this week, so not too many new changes to the website. I however am extremely excited to be finished importing all the data into our new database! This will make keeping track of the seeds about 

New Articles & Additions To The Bank

Busy week this week. With summer (finally!) taking off, and hot weather upon us, I’m rushing around isolation and coaxing the tomatoes for seed into the seed bank. I’m also very excited to announce that I’m in discussions with two other seed banks – both 

And Away We Go

Been working like a busy little bee the past week or so! I’ve been trying desperately to find some more private seed banks around the world to link to, and I’ve found a handful but not many. If you’re aware of any, please feel free