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Clockwise: Coztomatl seeds drying, Tomato 'German Cascade' seedling, Tomato 'Yellow Pear', and Slocan Snow Peas. © Kelly

The Populuxe Seed Bank wiki exists for the purpose of storing detailed grow out information and images pertaining to the varieties grown out for the seed bank. Varieties are grown out by myself and occasionally some helpful volunteer growers from around the world. Our information is pooled here in this wiki to create the database.

As varieties increase through the years, this database will grow with more information on all of the varieties we keep here at the seed bank.


The Populuxe Seed Bank aims to help preserve genetic diversity. The seed bank helps this by doing the following:

  • Seeds are stored in cool and cold temperature storage to ensure viability.
  • The seed bank will grow out as many varieties as possible on a rotating schedule to keep seed viable. Sometimes this will require the help of other growers around the world to grow out a variety or two and then ship a storable quantity of seeds back to me.
  • Seed collected from grow outs will be distributed as widely as possible before being restored to the bank. Anybody that wants the seed to grow, is welcome to it!
  • Collect as many rare and family heirlooms as possible to be stored, and to be redistributed to anybody who would like them.
  • Collect as much documentation and histories on the seeds in the bank as possible so the stories are not lost.
  • Spread information about how home gardeners can create their own seed banks.

Grow Outs

You can view all grow outs by year here.


On a rotating basis, seeds within this wiki will be available for a small cost to any grower interested in them. In the spirit of the seed bank, it is requested that you grow out, save your seed, and re-share these varieties with friends and family. You can see what's currently available for distribution here.

Seed Bank Breeding Projects

The Seed Bank happens along natural crosses from time to time with grow outs, and with new varieties that show promise will be grown-out and stabilized and re-offered in future years. To see which varieties are currently undergoing stabilization and breeding, view the list here: Tomato Breeding.

Seed Bank Holdings

You can view a complete listing of the current holdings in the seed bank here. This page includes growth and historical information from other sources on varieties not yet grown out in quantity by the seed bank.

Start Your Own Seed Bank

If you're interested in starting your own seed bank at home, you can view the article on how to do it here.