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Private Seed Banks

Private seed banks are anything not run by a governmental or corporate organization for the sole purpose of saving heirloom and open pollinated vegetable and ornamental seed varieties. Frequently these are run by individuals, non-profits, or libraries within a region. Many of these have a system set in place for sharing seeds that they have in stock, either locally or via mail.

Since originally starting the Populuxe Seed Bank the occurrence of local seed libraries has exploded, and this list is woefully underrepresentative of the actual number currently in operation. I’ll be updating this list to be more inclusive over the next few months.

Government Seed Banks

These are seed banks that are run by various country government agencies for the purpose of preserving seed and genetic samples. Sometimes you can contact these agencies and receive seeds, other times you can’t. I’ve included the list here for informational purposes.

Please note: I don’t link corporate or business-run seed banks, as they are usually an offshoot of a business venture, and I don’t wish to personally endorse any.

Everything Else

If you run an heirloom/OP seed or garden oriented website, including a private seed bank, I would be more then happy to include your link on this page. Please visit the contact page and let me know.