Happy Birthday Populuxe Seed Bank!

It’s kind of strange to think that two years ago today I decided to start my own little seed bank. I had the idea in my head for months before hand, but it was January 9th, 2008 that I actually started putting it all together. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was somewhere in the realm of ten varieties I started with. It actually might have even been less than that.

So in two years I’ve had so many wonderful people help with everything from growing out varieties for the bank, to donating their cherished family heirlooms, to helping get the word out, to donating money. Everything has helped this little seed bank grow to what it is today, and what it will continue to grow to be.

So I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has provided support over the past two years.

It’s upwards and onwards from here!

In other news: I have my eleven varieties from Plant Gene Resources Canada – I’ve written a bit more about the varieties and my plans for them up on my gardening blog over here (links are easier than reposting!). These varieties are rare, hopefully they’re delicious, and I get to put my researcher hat on to find some more histories about them. They’ll be fully documented and blogged about over on the gardening blog, and by the end of the season they’ll be offered up for redistribution here through the bank. I’m quite excited about them, hopefully you’ll follow along the journey of growing eleven unknown tomatoes with me this year!