Growers Needed!

About this time of year I take a look at my handy dandy database of seeds in the bank and organize them all by when they were last grown out. Ever since I sat down and took the several hours to translate everything I had in the bank over to said database from an unwieldy excel sheet, it’s made looking up information about one-thousand times easier.

The best part is that I can just pull up a report and see, in order of year, when the last time something was grown out, making it extremely easy for me to see what definitely needs to be grown for the next year. I tell you, that database is a god-send. If you’re thinking of starting your own seed bank, have just started, or have one already, and you’re not quite sure how to keep it all organized, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to walk you through how to go about setting up your own (or I can send the template I set up for my purposes).

That being said – once again, it’s that time of year to make a list of the most sorely needed varieties that need growing out. I do the majority of the growing out for the seed bank myself, but as new varieties are constantly being added, it came to my attention last year that barring me moving to the country and starting a farm solely for the seed bank (maybe some day… sigh), there was no way I’d have enough room to grow out everything myself.

So I reached out to the gardening community for those interested in lending a hand – and a little bit of coveted garden space – in order to help grow out varieties, and for the most part it went off well.

So this year I’m doing it again!

If you’re interested in what needs to be grown out and possibly growing out a variety for the seed bank, please check out this page to see what’s available and what it all entails.