Seeds for Distribution

Seeds for Distribution

Happy July everybody!

I will have a bit of an all-around garden update within the next week or two, but I wanted to announce something exciting first – there’s a new method of seed distribution!

Many of you know, every year I run a fundraiser for the seed bank through the Etsy shop. This goes a long way to helping cover not just website costs, but also the cost of acquiring new seeds for the bank. It’s a huge help for the coming year, and I want to thank everybody that purchases seed that way.

However, Etsy is implementing some fee structure changes that is making low-cost transactions like seeds become burdensome, so I’ve decided to move everything right on over to this website!

You can now see the new seed distribution scheme right on over here.


Seeds for Distribution

The seeds for distribution will be more intuitive – now all you do is add one of the variety packs to your cart. There’s a minimal cost plus shipping, but as with the seed sale, all costs will go directly to upkeep of the bank.

The variety packs will feature either five or ten different varieties, randomly chosen, and you will receive 10-25 seeds of each variety clearly marked (so you know what you’re growing). There is a notes section on the cart that you can add special requests, but like the current model of seeds for distribution, depending on stock I may not be able to fulfill specific variety requests (although I’ll try!).


Continuing Seed Sales

Additionally, I’ll be keeping seeds actually up for sale through the year. Previous year’s seed (2016 and earlier) will be offered at a discount, and when the seed from 2018’s harvest is available, 2017 seed will be discounted. Once a variety is gone, it’s gone, for at least 5-7 years, so get them while you can!



I’ll still be utilizing flat-rate shipping – no matter how many seeds you get you have just one low-cost letter shipping rate.



Nothing will be changing with payments, I’ll still be using Paypal as the gateway, so I won’t personally ever see any of your payment information.

I’m quite excited about this new model, and I hope it makes it easier for all of you too. Thank you all again for your support!