New Additions, Projects, & More

Solanum grow-outs for 2011

I know it’s been a little quiet around here as of late, but lots of things have been happening behind the scenes, let me tell you! To make it a bit more easily digestible, here’s a handy bulleted list:

  • The seed sale is still going on! It’s now been opened up to people outside North America, as well as having several new varieties added for sale. Some varieties are really running low, and once they’re out, I won’t be re-offering for a few years. Get them while you can! Visit:
  • You’ll see there have been changes made to the actual site, nothing insane, but just to make it a little easier to read. To view articles on seed saving techniques of different plants, as well as other articles, click the link over to your left, and then click the page you want to be taken to. Easy! Nothing’s been taken down, just (hopefully) better organized.
  • STOW – The seed tip of the week – will be back in action tomorrow. There’ll be a new one posted every Sunday, so keep checking back for that!
  • There’s a brand new projects page up and running that’ll be constantly updated with current projects going on by the bank. Some new and exciting projects are in the works, so keep checking that page (and this blog!) for updates
  • We’ve had some more additions to the bank thanks to some awesome donors, with even more on the way! Check out the seeds in the bank to see what they are.
  • That’s it for now – more things are in the works, stay tuned.