The Seeds Are Here!

So on this eve of Christmas eve, I just wanted to post a quick update (and photographic evidence!) that the seeds – all of them – including the new additions for 2010 are home safe and sound.

The next week or so I’ll be cataloguing, separating, storing, and figuring out quantities that will be up for sale in the yearly fundraiser for the seed bank/what will be given away. The last week of 2010/the first week of 2011 will have a post up saying what is available, and will contain a full list of the new additions for now, just as a teaser, I’ll list a few of the fantastic varieties:

  • Tomato ‘Vorlon’
  • Tomato ‘Black Pear’
  • Pole Bean ‘Mr Tung’s’
  • Pole Bean ‘Poltscka’
  • Lettuce ‘Freckles’ (which I thought was an OP variety, but might actually be a mis-named older heritage variety, and my new favourite lettuce by the way)
  • … That’s it for now, but there are many more to come. Stay tuned, and have a Happy Christmas everybody!