Slocan Snow Peas Get Banked

Slocan Snow Peas

Slocan Snow Peas

I warned it’d be a little quiet around here until we got to our new home!

Things are all lined up for the big move 750km away to Victoria, BC. Most of the grow outs this year will be saved by a wonderful volunteer who will be taking care of the garden after we leave here in just under two weeks. Fortunately, however, I’ve been able to save a few seeds myself (it wouldn’t feel like a whole complete year without me being able to save at least some seeds!).

Pictured above are the Slocan Snow Peas that have been harvested, dried, and banked. The weather has been really tough this year on some of the plants, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get as much as I was hoping for. However, there’s more than enough to be banked, and some will be available to those who wish to grow out this variety as well. They’ll be offered up early next year along with the rest of the varieties I’ll have available.

I really ended up liking these, despite me not being a pea person. It was difficult not to just go out and eat them all on the vine when they were young they were so tasty. I’ll be updating the Slocan Snow Peas page as well with some more details and growth information. I’m hoping to get to it before the move happens, but it might not be until after then. I’ll be sure to add an update when that happens!