Tomato ‘Silvery Fir Tree’


Silvery Fir Tree is a staple in my garden, and it never disappoints!

This is a Russian heirloom that has a lot going for it. It is one of the heaviest determinate producers I’ve ever grown, all while staying at around 18-24″ maximum – making it an excellent container tomato. It also grows well in-ground, and doesn’t require staking.

Not only are the fruit a good balance between acid/sweet and fleshy/juicy, but they do well in a wide range of climates from wet coastal environments to dry, hot conditions. Fruits on average reach 4-7oz, and mature quickly, around 65 days making it a good choice for shorter season gardeners.

The leaves are completely unique as well, described as “carrot-like”. I always keep the plant around after fruiting is done just to enjoy the leaves!

Determinate. 65 days to maturity from transplant.

Approximately 25 seeds per packet.

2023 harvest; 100% germination tested in January 2024.

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