Sibirskiy Velikan Rozovyi

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Tomato 'Sibirskiy Velikan Rozovyi'. ©Kelly
Tomato 'Sibirskiy Velikan Rozovyi'. ©Kelly
Tomato 'Sibirskiy Velikan Rozovyi' cut in half. ©Kelly

Grower: Kelly

Year: 2014, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022

Accession: 189

Seed Source: Original seed purchased from Tatiana's TomatoBase (2012).


2022 Did pretty well for me this year, although did suffer a bit because it was slightly crowded, and I didn't trim as much as I really should have. A little later than Nicholaevna Pink, but produced about double. A lesson learned in making sure this one has room because it really likes to stretch its feet out. Approx 4.5kg (9lb 14 oz) per plant.
2018 Did not do as well for me this year, I suspect it was the high day temperatures with no cooling off at night. Still a favourite, will still grow again, and still a fantastic variety. I got about 8 lb/plant.
2014 Really lovely sweet, tangy flavour. Nice rich flesh, very meaty but with good amount of juice as well. Plants grow extremely well (and wild), requires good staking. Excellent quality large fruit with good production. One of my favourites of all time. 14lb per plant.

Plant Growth Observations

Vine Growth Type: Indeterminate

Vine Growth Habit: Sprawling

Plant size: Large (5+ft)

Leaf type: Regular

Leaf Coverage: Moderate

Maturity: 85 days

Fruit Observations

Skin colour: Pink

Flesh colour: Pink

Fruit Shape: Pleated/irregular (although some fruit can be quite smooth)

Fruit Fasciation: Medium fasciation

Fruit Firmness: Soft

Fruit Set: Excellent

Average Fruit Diameter: 5.5"

Average Fruit Length: 3.5"

Average Fruit Weight: 587gr (21oz)

Other Observations

  • One of the earliest monster varieties.
  • Deals with cooler and hotter conditions well.


  • Name translates to 'Siberian Giant Pink' from Russian.
  • Russian variety from Tamara Yaschenko's collection, introduced to North America via a trade with Tatiana Kouchnareva of BC, Canada.