Donate Seeds

If you are interested in donating to the seed bank, we are always accepting! Please do not send hybrid seeds, as we focus on open-pollinated and heirloom veggies only.

When donating seeds, please provide as much information as possible, including:

  • Species or common name, & variety
  • Growth habits
  • Historical information
  • The seed source (your grow out, if the seeds were purchased, etc.)
  • Date you saved/acquired the seed
  • Any other information you find important about the seed

If you don’t have all that information, that’s fine! Give what info you have, and the crack-team of researchers (meaning: me) will start looking for the rest.

Donations are ideally in the 100-200 quantity range for storage. If you don’t have that much seed, that’s fine too! I’ve had as few as 3 seeds sent. We’ll keep smaller amounts in cool storage for grow-out within the next year or two.

Thank you for your interest in keeping the biodiversity of our plants alive!

Please email me via the contact form here to obtain the address.