Current Seeds For Distribution

The annual seed sale fundraiser is now on!

From now until summer 2018, all seeds from the seed bank are available for purchase. Please visit the etsy shop to take a look at what’s being offered this year.

Take a look at this blog post to see how the seed sale helps this bank, and where your money goes.

How to request seeds using this page

    1. Take a look at the list below and decide which seeds you want.
    2. From the drop down menu, choose your destination to determine the cost (which is a single, flat rate).
    3. In the comments form at the Paypal website, list the seeds you would like (please note: if you don’t put anything in the comments section, I will pick some at random for you!).
    4. Complete your transaction, and that’s it! Your seeds will be sent out in 3-5 days.

Frequently Asked Questions
How many seeds will I receive?
Approximately 10-25, depending upon the quantity I have to send.

Can I request more than that?
I only send one starter sample of each variety. The point of this seed bank isn’t to provide you with enough seed for commercial use, it’s to provide you with a starting supply of seed so you can grow and redistribute them yourself in order to help the varieties stay alive.

Will you send me all the seeds I request?
I will send up to six varieties, so if you list more than that, I will pick the six at random from your list.

What if I want more than six varieties?
To request more than six varieties, just repeat the payment proceedure as many times as required (if you want up to twelve varieties, pay twice, if you want up to 18 varieties, pay three times, etc.).

Are these seriously for free?
Believe it or not, yes! The goal is to get people growing these varieties (some extremely rare and almost extinct) and to save their own seed, and share them with their friends and family.

Wait a second, if they’re free, what’s with the charge?
The charge is to offset shipping and packaging costs.

I’m having trouble adding varieties on Paypal, help!
If you don’t see a “special instructions” section when you check out through paypal, please email me separately (including your address so I can identify you) with which varieties you are requesting. Email me at K (at) theseedbank (dot) net.

Low cost seed distribution will return in summer 2018. In the mean time, please consider purchasing seed through the annual Populuxe Seed Sale Fundraiser.

If you’d like to make a donation (you name the price) to keep funding the seed bank’s efforts, please visit this page to make a donation via paypal.

*Please note, mail to the U.S. and Internationally may take as short as 1 week and as much as 6 weeks (although on average it seems to be 2 weeks to the US, 3 weeks International). Please also be familiar with your country’s seed import laws. If your seeds get stopped at the border, unfortunately I can’t do anything about that! However, this has only happened a very few times since I’ve been doing this, so chances are good that your seeds will find you unscathed.