STOW: Week 3

Did you know that you can readily request seeds from most government-run seed banks? Canada and the US in particular will ship outside their borders, and as long as it doesn’t violate any laws within your country. Read the how-to I created for the website here.

STOW: Week 2

When bringing in to store or eat dry crops (like peas, beans, or grains) put them in the fridge for a week, the freezer for another week, then, back in the fridge for a week before you let them sit on the shelf at room temperatures. Often pests such as weevils can hide in the seeds unknown to you for weeks until you see them start to do their damage by eating your whole crop. Placing them in the freezer kills any potential eggs.

STOW – A New Weekly Update

Starting today I’ve decided to begin a brand new thing here on the ol’ blog for all you seed lovers that I’m calling STOW (or “seed tip of the week”, yes I did fudge it a bit to make a better acronym).

Every Sunday I’ll just be posting a little tip for seed savers and seed starters that’ll hopefully, at some point help you along your seed travels.

Let’s begin!

To make your own desiccant packet, take rice or evaporated milk, fold a piece of paper towel or cloth around it and seal with tape or glue. Place with your seeds, and voila, home made desiccant. Replace these once every six months to keep them working at maximum efficiency.