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STOW: Week 3

Did you know that you can readily request seeds from most government-run seed banks? Canada and the US in particular will ship outside their borders, and as long as it doesn’t violate any laws within your country. Read the how-to I created for the Seedchat.com 

STOW: Week 2

When bringing in to store or eat dry crops (like peas, beans, or grains) put them in the fridge for a week, the freezer for another week, then, back in the fridge for a week before you let them sit on the shelf at room 

STOW – A New Weekly Update

Starting today I’ve decided to begin a brand new thing here on the ol’ blog for all you seed lovers that I’m calling STOW (or “seed tip of the week”, yes I did fudge it a bit to make a better acronym). Every Sunday I’ll