Tomato ‘Vorlon’

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A Stabilized accidental cross between Cherokee Purple x Pruden’s Purple that appeared in the garden of Joe Fisher of Winterport, Maine, USA in the 1990’s. Named after a race of aliens from the show Babylon 5.

A slightly irregular beefstake-type fruit, this is a monster plant and will need good staking or caging. Brown skinned fruit with a slightly tart but well-rounded flavour. Excellent fruit set with minimal blossom drop even in high heat. Does not like to be kept too wet, so if you’re in a wetter climate put this one in the drier part of your garden. Fruit on average about 170 g (6 oz).

See the seed bank database entry here.

Indeterminate, potato leaf. 80 days from transplant.

Approximately 25 seeds per packet.

From 2018 harvest, germination tested in 2019.

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