Tomato ‘Prairie Fire’


Not too much is know about exactly where this tomato came from, although it’s possible this was a cross between ‘Sub-Arctic’ and beefstake variety.

This awesome little plant is perfect for shorter and/or cooler seasons. It’s small size also makes it perfect for container or small-garden space growing. Perfect little red fruit, very smooth with a nice tomatoey flavour produce much earlier than almost any other tomato in the garden. This variety does suffer some ripening-delay if the temperatures are too high. Thicker skin with firm flesh, this is an excellent slicing or market tomato. This one is definitely going to become a stand-by in my garden. Plant grows approximately 18″ high, and fruit weighs in at about 65g. There are reports of these plants ripening at 55 days, but mine were much closer to 70 (although that could have been due to the heat).

See the seed bank database entry here.

Determinate, regular leaf. 70 days from transplant.

Approximately 25 seeds per packet.

Germination tested in 2019.

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