Tomato ‘Platillo’


One of my all-time favourite varieties! This variety was collected by Plant Gene Resources Canada in 1966 in Puerto Rico. The name translates to “platter” from Spanish, and you can see why.

Large, flat heavily pleated fruit that average about 200g/7oz (with some up to 300g/10 oz early in the season). This variety boasts a very unique formation on the blossom end (see the database entry below). Nice acidic tomatoy flavour, does well in higher heat although over 30C will result in slightly delayed ripening. Skin is light red with some golden shouldering, and a nice firm flesh. Great for fresh eating or preservation.

See the seed bank database entry here.

Indeterminate, regular leaf. 80-85 days from transplant.

Approximately 25 seeds per packet.

2023 harvest, 80% germination rate (January 2024).

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