Tomato ‘Novocserkaszkij’


These seeds have a bit of mysterious past – possibly hailing from (or named after) Novocherkassk, Russia, they were originally donated to Plant Gene Resources Canada in 1984, from whom I obtained the seed.

This is a stout and sturdy plant, requiring only minimal staking. Fruit is red and squat, with slight ribbing and darker shouldering. It proved to be crack and blossom end rot resistant in my garden, even during irregular waterings and heavy downpour. It has a great classic tomato flavour that isn’t too sweet, and is excellent for fresh eating. Fruit averages 125 – 175 grams, and has excellent fruit set. High heat can delay ripening slightly, but even so it was one of my best producers in 2017, even with our high temperatures in the later half of the summer.

Semi-determinate, regular leaf. 82 days from transplant.

Approximately 25 seeds per packet.

Germination tested in 2018.

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