Tomato ‘Gigant Purelesa’


This variety originally hails from Russia. Seed grower Tatiana Kouchnareva originally obtained the seeds via a trade in 2006, and they first became available in North America in 2007. The name translates to Pureles’ Giant from Russian, where Pureles may refer to the breeder.

Fruit is a lovely deep pink/purplish colour, with very soft flesh and skin, making it excellent for fresh eating. The flavour is lovely and rich, somewhat earthy, and not too acidic or tart. A good, reliable producer for me in 2017. This variety likes to be kept evenly watered, otherwise you may see some radial cracking (although those fruit are still perfectly edible!). My fruit were in the 140-200 gram range (6-7 oz), but some growers have reported fruit over 1 lb.

Indeterminate, regular leaf. 80-85 days from transplant.

Approximately 25 seeds per packet.

Germination tested in 2018.

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