Tomato ‘Cuban Black’


Despite the name, this is not believed to originate from Cuba, but rather the former USSR.

The plants produce really tasty, brown fruit ranging from a pear to a more oblate/globular shape. Nice classic tomato flavour with an earthy undercurrent. This variety is quite crack and split resistant, even in drier conditions with uneven watering. Best for fresh use, although good for stews, soups and salsas. Soft flesh and a really nice erect growing habit making them a nice manageable plant in the garden. Fruit averages between 80-100g, and produces early right up until frost (a great variety for shorter seasons!).

See the seed bank database entry here.

Indeterminate, regular leaf. 75 days from transplant.

Approximately 25 seeds per packet.

From 2018 harvest, germination tested in 2019.

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