Pepper ‘Morocco’


A fun red-when-ripe pimento looking pepper, but quite hot. These were collected in a market in Morocco, donated to the Heritage Seed Library, and sent to me by a seed saver in Scotland. Some of my fruit were almost small bell pepper sized, but most were closer to a pimento. Don’t let the look fool you because I’d say they’re around a Bird’s Eye or Habanero. They produce quite early in a hot location, and do well in containers, I harvested my first fruit at 67 days, although it really started producing about 10-14 days later.

See the seed bank database entry here.

Approximately 25+ seeds per packet.

2023 harvest, 50% germination rate (January 2024). Please note the low germination rates, and oversow. I’ve included extra seeds in each packet to account for this.

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