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Tomato 'Sputnik', Sept 2016. ©Kelly

Grower: Kelly

Year: 2016

Accession: 283

Seed Source: Original seed from Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T), of Anmore, B.C.


2016 Good production of oblate brown fruit, approx 170 gr each. Excellent flavour, did well in heat although suffered some fruit drop. Smooth skin. Regular leaf. Indeterminate.

Plant Growth Observations

Vine Growth Type:

Vine Growth Habit: Indeterminate

Plant size: Medium

Leaf type: Regular

Leaf Coverage:


Fruit Observations

Skin colour: Brown

Flesh colour:

Fruit Shape:

Fruit Fasciation: Moderate

Fruit Firmness:

Fruit Set:

Average Fruit Diameter:

Average Fruit Length:

Average Fruit Weight:

Affliction Observations

Other Observations


  • Originated in the former Soviet Union and named after the first satellite launched in 1957.