Goose Creek

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Grower: Kelly

Year: 2011, 2017

Accession: 28

Seed Source: Seed received from donor in Syracuse, NY, USA (2009).

Plant Growth Observations

Vine Growth Type: Indeterminate

Vine Growth Habit: Erect

Plant size: Large (4.5ft - 5ft)

Leaf type: Regular

Leaf Coverage: Fair

Maturity: Mid (75 days)

Fruit Observations

Skin colour: Pink

Flesh colour: Pink

Fruit Shape: Oblate

Fruit Fasciation: Smooth

Fruit Firmness: Soft

Fruit Set: Moderate

Average Fruit Diameter: 4"

Average Fruit Length: 2"

Average Fruit Weight: 270gr (9.5oz)

Other Observations

  • Poor fruit set at lower temperatures


  • Heirloom from California, USA.
  • Supposedly dates to early 1800's, but there is some debate, as experts say there are no smooth tomatoes dating back that far.