Emelia's Italian Pole

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'Emelia's Italian Pole' pod, Aug 2015. ©Kelly
'Emelia's Italian Pole' pod, Aug 2015. ©Kelly

Grower: Kelly

Year: 2015

Accession: 186

Growth Observations

Growth Type: Pole

Bean Use: Fresh/dry


Days from direct sowing outside.

Fresh: 90 days
Dried: 135 days

Stringless: Yes


  • The history was recorded by Annette Barley (who has been growing them since 1965) of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada:

Mrs. Emelia Fulla brought them with her when she immigrated from Italy in 1911. She as from the town of St. Peitro in the province of Udine in northern Italy. It has been grown and shared in the same Nanaimo neighbourhood since 1911."

  • Previously known as 'Auntie Vi's Italian Pole'