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Tomato 'Dubrava', August 2017. ©Kelly
Tomato 'Dubrava', plant & flowers. June 2017. ©Kelly

Grower: Kelly

Year: 2011, 2017

Accession: 132

Seed Source: Dan & Val McMurray


2017 Excellent production, even as the plant started to suffer with the heat. Very minimal blossom drop, no fruit drop. No cracking or splitting, and one of my best producers this year.
2011 Plant produced fruit that have a really unique flavour; acidic like they've already been salted, but with a sweeter finish in the mouth. Makes the most excellent tomato juice you've ever tasted. Refuses to crack or split at all, even with the most irregular of watering.

Plant Growth Observations

Vine Growth Type: Determinate

Vine Growth Habit: Intermediate

Plant size: Large (4.5ft)

Leaf type: Regular

Leaf Coverage: Heavy

Maturity: Mid (75 days)

Fruit Observations

Skin colour: Red

Flesh colour: Red

Fruit Shape: Globular

Fruit Fasciation: Smooth

Fruit Firmness: Medium

Fruit Set: Excellent

Average Fruit Diameter: 2"

Average Fruit Length: 1.5"

Average Fruit Weight: 85g (3oz)

Other Observations

  • Will set fruit at lower temperatures, but it does suffer a bit.
  • Does well in hot climates.
  • Won't crack or split with little/irregular watering.


  • Russian open pollinated commercial variety.
  • Name means "Oak Forest" in Russian.

Also Known As

  • Dubok