Cuor di Bue

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Tomato 'Cuor di Bue', June 29 2015 ©Kelly

Grower: Kelly

Year: 2015

Accession: 168

Seed Source: Seed bought from commercial retailer.


2015 Only a few small fruit were produced, generally sickly plant that didn't grow over 1.5ft. Either this was incorrect seed labelled as 'Cuor di Bue' or the seed was of bad (old) stock. Will re-attempt a grow out of fresh seed in a future year.

Plant Growth Observations

Vine Growth Type:

Vine Growth Habit:

Plant size:

Leaf type:

Leaf Coverage:


Fruit Observations

Skin colour:

Flesh colour:

Fruit Shape:

Fruit Fasciation:

Fruit Firmness:

Fruit Set:

Average Fruit Diameter:

Average Fruit Length:

Average Fruit Weight:

Affliction Observations

Other Observations


  • Name means 'Ox Heart' in Italian.