Canadian Wonder

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Bean 'Canadian Wonder, June 29 2015 ©Kelly

Grower: Kelly

Year: 2015

Accession: 264

Growth Observations

Growth Type: Bush

Bean Use: Dry


Dates from direct sowing outside.

Fresh: 65 days
Dried: 105 days

Stringless: No


  • Known to date to at least 1881, but likely older than that. The 1881 Ely Seed Catalogue says:

This dwarf bean is of such great value as to fully justify the name "Wonder". In growth the plant is dwarf and compact. The pods, produced in marvellous (sic) abundance, are very tender, delicate in flavor, of beautiful shape, and grow from 12 to 16 inches in length. For string beans it is sure to become a great favorite, while for fresh shelled beans (cooked like Lima Beans), hardly any other variety can approach it in rich, delicious flavor and handsome appearance.