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Tomato 'Aurega', Sept 2016. ©Kelly

Grower: Kelly

Year: 2016

Accession: 200

Seed Source: Purchased from Seedy Saturday (Victoria, BC)


2016 Good flavour, very pretty fruit that is an orangey-apricot shade. Some blossom drop in high heat with no cooling off at night, some delayed ripening as well. This variety does not show the pinkish colour of the other variety known as Aurega.

Plant Growth Observations

Vine Growth Type: Indeterminate

Vine Growth Habit: Erect

Plant size:

Leaf type: Regular

Leaf Coverage:

Maturity: Midseason (80 days)

Fruit Observations

Skin colour: Orange

Flesh colour: Orange

Fruit Shape: Globular

Fruit Fasciation: Smooth

Fruit Firmness: Medium

Fruit Set: Fair

Average Fruit Diameter:

Average Fruit Length:

Average Fruit Weight:

Affliction Observations

  • Slowed production and ripening in high temperatures


  • Reportedly from Switzerland, but as of yet this is unverified.