The Seeds Are Here!

So on this eve of Christmas eve, I just wanted to post a quick update (and photographic evidence!) that the seeds – all of them – including the new additions for 2010 are home safe and sound. The next week or so I’ll be cataloguing, 

Slocan Snow Peas Get Banked

Slocan Snow Peas I warned it’d be a little quiet around here until we got to our new home! Things are all lined up for the big move 750km away to Victoria, BC. Most of the grow outs this year will be saved by a 

New Articles & Additions To The Bank

Busy week this week. With summer (finally!) taking off, and hot weather upon us, I’m rushing around isolation and coaxing the tomatoes for seed into the seed bank. I’m also very excited to announce that I’m in discussions with two other seed banks – both