Seed Viability Chart

Standard-Storage Seed Viability (1)
Years Viable
Asparagus 3
Beans (Common, Fava, Lima) 3
Beets 4
Brussels Sprouts 5
Cabbage 5
Carrots 3
Cauliflower 3
Celery 5
Corn 2
Cucumber 5
Eggplant 5
Lettuce 5
Melons 5
Parsnip 1
Peas 3
Pepper 2-3
Radish 5
Spinach 5
Squash (Summer, Winter, Pumpkin) 4
Tomato 5
Turnip 5

1. Standard Storage refers to basic measures taken by home growers to clean, thoroughly dry, and store seeds in a cool, dry area (such as a pantry). These do not include times for cool or cold stored seeds. Those times are increased.

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