June In The Garden

June In The Garden

Well yes, I am doing this one a bit into July. I’m still on a better track than I am last year though! To be fair, June was a lot of nothing. Waiting around, pleading with my plants to perk up. I even covered them on June 3rd because we had a frost warning.

While El Nino brought us a mild, dry winter, it does have a habit into segueing into a wet, cool summer. We had that in spades, and all my plants suffered, it was too cool and wet to really grow. The unfortunate thing is with our short season those few weeks can mean the difference between an abundant harvest, and frost killing off everything (oh frost gods, please don’t hit us early this year). We’ll see how that goes.

I had some strange losses, both of my ‘Chocolate’ Habaneros died. Absolutely no idea why. My ‘Golden Greek” pepper isn’t looking well either, but is still just barely hanging on. I ran to a greenhouse nearby that does peppers (boy do they ever) and replaced the habaneros with a ‘Shishito’ and an absolutely insane ‘Trinidad Scorpion Yellow’ that’s been crossed with a ‘Apocalypse’. Why did I do this? Because my husband swears he wanted something insanely hot. I will not be trying this one out myself, nor will I be saving seeds. Or cutting it in the house. I don’t even think I’m going to touch the fruit without gloves.

While I like heat, the Chocolate habaneros are my limit, and I’m fine with that. Even they’re a bit much for me and I take them in extremely limited amounts.

I also got a pepper that was a left over from somebody planting at the community garden, just labelled ‘117’. No idea what it is, although the leaves reminded me more of a C. chinense than a C. annuum or C. baccatum. I’m assuming it’s hot because I know those fellows grow hot peppers. Eventually I’ll maybe get around to asking them, although growing a complete unknown is kind of fun for somebody like me who plans what they grow down to the detail.

My ‘Sweet Baby Jade’ tomato also died rather quickly and unexpectedly, although that one was not true to type because the leaves were regular, and that one is supposed to be potato leaved. I contacted the commercial seller, and unfortunately never heard back, so I’ll not be purchasing from them again. Crosses happen, but not pulling the seed you have left (or at least leaving a warning on the site that they might be contaminated), or not contacting the purchaser is not great practice.

And, fun fact, my ‘Italian Winter’ tomato, which I have struggled to grow several times and never did well, is doing awesome this year. It struggled with the cool temps, but now that it’s warmed up, it has out paced almost every other one of my tomatoes.

And now, just a few random photos from the garden from June. With the warm weather and proper growth, I look forward to updating this blog a bit more regularly now that there’s actual news!

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