A Little May Catch Up

A Little May Catch Up

So up until very recently, we were still getting down to about 3C at night with risk of frost. We’ve had a wetter May, which is lovely because winter was so dry this year, but with rain can come cooler temperatures in spring, hence a bunch of 3C nights.

Things are starting to look better though, so while I might be getting things out about a week later than intended, everything will bounce back just fine once they’re in. It does mean the plants have gotten a bit more time to harden off, which really is never a bad thing. People are always worried about cold temperatures at night, but the real disaster can come in the form of hot, sunny sun that burns your wee plants only used to grow lights while starting.

For the pole beans I’m growing this year I decided on ‘Poletschka‘. I was given these seeds by Dan McMurray many years ago under the name ‘Poltschka’, and I just recently was able to find some proper information on them.

All these years I thought the name was a misspelling of Polska (Poland), but turns out these are a Ukrainian variety. I’m always so happy to be able to identify something properly in my collection. When I received the seed from Dan, I’m unsure where he got the seed from exactly, so that is still a bit of a mystery. But according to Adaptive Seeds they received it from the Heritage Seed Library in the UK, and they received it as a family heirloom from Irma Jacyna, from the western Ukrainian village of Kostilinyky (link).

I’m unsure what Poletsckha means, or if it’s a family name, so if anybody has any insight I’d love to hear it.

In my true form I started way too many plants this year. Once I’ve completed planting everything out, I’ll start giving them away to whoever wants them. I have a bit of a captive audience this year as I joined the community garden, so I should be able to flog everything off effectively one way or another.

‘Grandpa’s Siberian Home’ Pepper

Having said that, there are a few things in and growing, most notably the Slocan Snow Peas, Spinach ‘Monstrueux de Viroflay’, Beets ‘Cylindra Formanova’ (this is my standard and absolute most favourite variety), and Turnip ‘Gold Ball’ and ‘Poletscka’ beans – which I just planted a few days ago. I’ll still be planting the carrots (waiting for the soil to warm up a tiny bit more), along with the tomatoes and my Futtsu squash.

The zucchini, ‘Canadian Wonder’ beans, ‘Golden Bantam’ corn, and whatever else will fit will be stuck in the community garden hopefully this week. I’m getting over the cold from hell, however, and I’m unsure when I’ll make it.

Speaking of my community garden, there is a lovely little orchard that’s part of it that everybody chips in to take care of, and what an absolute treasure that is. Apples, cherries, currants, haskaps, blueberries, rhubarb, pears, plums (maybe?), raspberries, grapes… all things I wouldn’t have the room for in my yard. Seriously, it’s such an amazing resource. It’s my first year at the garden, and I don’t plan on ever leaving.

With the season picking up, I plan on doing posts every two weeks – it’s my goal this year for this tiny garden journal of mine.

Fingers crossed.

The Andrena bees that nest in my yard go nuts for the blackcurrant flowers currently blooming.

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