Mid-March Check In

Mid-March Check In

I wanted to do a quick post before it got too much later into the month. The peppers have all been started and are up, although I may end up doing another sowing of my ‘Jimmy Nardello’ peppers – the germination was surprisingly low for seed collected just in September, so I’m doing a quick and dirty germination test to see what my rates are, then I’ll plant some of the ones that germinate that way to move them along.

Which, coincidentally, is what I ended up doing with ‘Morocco’ peppers, which I had no plans to grow this year. I decided to do a quick test on those, and they came back at about 50% germination, so I took two of the starts, plunked them in soil, and they’re now happily growing. I guess I’m growing five pepper varieties this year!

I started some ‘Hardin’s Miniature’ tomato seeds as well, very few, because I plan to plant more when I start the rest of the tomatoes in about 10 days. Not fantastic rates, but I grew so few I’m not discounting just a weird outlayer, so that’s another seed to do a quick germination test on.

That’s it for now – once the seed starting begins in earnest stay tuned for a flurry of updates!

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