Spring(?) Update

Spring(?) Update

Hey everybody – how are you doing?

There’s a ton going on right now. There’s the pandemic hanging over all of our heads, but there’s also normal life – something changed but that must keep soldiering on nonetheless.

I know I promised seeds would be up for distribution in the new year. Well, it’s almost April and as you can see they’re not up yet. Last year had less than expected harvests due to the weather, but also (frankly) there’s a lot of other stuff demanding my time. So, this year I’ve decided to forgo listing seeds for distribution.

There’s also a maybe move coming at some point this year, which will definitely affect harvests if we end up moving in late summer or early fall. So my grow list is a bit more scaled back this year than previous years. I’ll also be growing varieties that don’t need to be grown out due to age. I’m doing that for the same reason I’m scaling down a bit – if I can’t harvest seed, I don’t want it to be from varieties of which I only have very limited seed. Best to store those for a future year and grow out when I know I’ll be able to harvest.

Having said that, I will be growing several dwarf and pot varieties of tomatoes, and I’ll be harvesting seed from them. I’ll also be growing earlier varieties in-ground in the hopes that they mature before our potential move.

So I’ll still be updating all the same pages as usual – grow out lists, the wiki, etc. I won’t be listing seeds for distribution until 2021, and everything is going to be on a much smaller scale this year.

But, I will still be updating you as the year progresses, and sharing pictures, and (hopefully) come winter of 2020-2021 I will have some seeds to share with you again.