2018 Grow Outs Announced & A Facelift

2018 Grow Outs Announced & A Facelift

The Populuxe Seed Bank has grown so much over the past 10 (now 11!) years, and I figured it was high time for a facelift. Something a little cleaner, but that also showcased the images from the gardens in those years. I’m so proud of what this seed bank has grow into, and I love the varieties and their diversity I’ve had the fortune to be able to grow, document, and share with you all.

Spring seemed like the perfect time to spruce up the look, although here in Edmonton spring still feels very far away. We have had an unseasonably cold spring so far, with lots of snow and some days the temperature has been 20C below normals. But, undeterred, I started the seeds right on schedule, and hopefully we’ll finally see the spring warming and we won’t have our plant out date pushed too far back.

Which, is a perfect segue for…

The 2018 grow out list has finally been put together. You can see that right on over here. I’ve made the choice to cut back a bit on tomatoes this year, and to plant more beans, along with the addition of a cucumber, zucchini, peas, and a few other species.

I’ve also been updating the wiki, and while all of 2017’s growth notes have been up for some months, you’ll now see the pages for the 2018 growing year getting added.

Germination rates have so far been excellent, and I’m looking forward to a really productive year in terms of harvests. 2017 was a really rough year, with harvests less than half what I would normally expect. Despite the cold spring we’ve had so far, I’m optimistic that this season will definitely be an improvement over the last.