Annual Seed Bank Fundraiser

As promised, the seeds for sale are currently up, and available through the etsy shop! I’m excited this year to be selling some really awesome varieties.

But I thought your seeds were free??

They are, and they will be. But every year I run a little drive in order to help fund the coming year. The Populuxe Seed Bank is run entirely out of pocket, and in order to help mitigate some costs, each year I sell seeds first. Some quantities I have are quite limited, and if they sell out through the Etsy shop first, they will be gone until they’re grown out again (which is a 7-10 year cycle). So if you see something you really need, I do suggest you snap it up first on Etsy! Plus you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling from helping a good project (and my gratitude!).

Thanks for your ongoing support, as always!