State of the Bank – Quick Update

Hello all! Busy time over here, and I’ve had a few emails saying “there’s been no updates since August!” so I thought I’d pop up a quick one just to let everybody know I’m still alive.

In the past six or so weeks we’ve had a killer frost, so I’ve been saving seeds like mad in an orderly rotation. I’m just finishing up the last of the drying now, so the seeds to become available will be announced in a few weeks. This year I will be holding a fundraiser, so selling seeds before they become available cheaply for no cost (other than shipping) later on. This is to ensure I can keep acquiring more seeds in the next year for the bank.

A few weeks as well have been spent dedicated to the Seeds of Diversity AGM which wrapped up yesterday in Victoria (thanks to all who came out!). We have lots of things planned for the upcoming year as a Board of Directors, so we’re all pretty excited.

And, last but not least, I know the database here on the site is showing a whole whack of errors at the moment, which I’m trying to fix up as fast as possible. I’ll update when that is all said and done.

That’s all for now, stay tuned!