2013 – Here We Come

What a quiet year it’s been here on the ol’ seed bank blog. I do definitely plan to change that with this upcoming season, although the actual growing part might end up being a little tricky (more on that later when things are coming closer to being finalized).

I just finished up saving all the seeds from 2012 – and while I usually have an actual seed sale, this year I think I’m just going to do this distribution for cheap through this site this year (it hasn’t been updated yet, but this page is where you kind find what is going to be distributed). This year was a tough year for the garden, so while I don’t have as much as I’ve had in previous years to distribute, I do have some varieties that I am very glad to be distributing. Hopefully the quality will make up for the lack of quantity.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see this website being updated to reflect the new year – including my growing lists for 2013, as well as varieties that will need volunteer growers (I know I’ve already gotten a few interested people asking me about it – the enthusiasm is awesome!).

I’ve also been working on a Wiki located here that will house growth notes and photos of the varieties grown for the bank, and I’m hoping it’ll be a fantastic resource not only for myself, but also for you folks looking for information on seeds in the bank. It’s a little bare right now, but I am working on going through the multitude of photos and varieties myself and the volunteer growers have grown. It’s definitely a work in progress, but feel free to poke around for now.

That’s it for now – but if you are interested in becoming a grower, please do use the form located on this page to get in touch with me.