Still Here!

Despite some definite quietness from this blog (and the mailing list!) I just wanted to post a quick message that the seed bank is still alive and well – I just sustained what turned out to be a pretty good injury that’s hampered most typing and (gasp!) gardening activity for the past several weeks.

If you’ve sent an email in the past 2 months – I have it, and it hasn’t been ignored, I’ve just been unable to answer.

Stay tuned – I’m healing up and updates and emails will be on the way. I’m sorry to say that the garden is a little lackluster at this point, but here on the west coast there’s still plenty of season, even if I did miss out on some of it already this year.

Canada Post is no longer performing strike actions, but please note due to the back log of mail, your seeds may still be delayed in reaching you. Dismiss