Fall Updates

The growing season is pretty much all wrapped up here (except for a few straggling perennials in the garden that just refuse to die due to the frosts), which means that the seed bank is going to be updated in pretty short order!

In the next two or so weeks, we’ll have up:

  • List of seeds that will be available for 2012
  • What seeds will need adoptive growers for 2012
  • Lots of growth notes on what we grew out this year
  • An updated holdings list of what’s in the seed bank
  • A link to the new online database I’ve been working on that has growth information for lots of things already in the seed bank
  • The first newsletter already went out to everybody who signed up as well – thanks to those who invited it into their inboxes! If you’d like to receive the second edition, coming out in January, please sign up using the form over to the left hand side of this page at the top column.