Below is a list of resources that will help you with obtaining, storing, growing, and keeping notes on your varieties. If you have any other great resources I’d love to add them to the list – please shoot me a message via the contact page.


  • Seed bank template – a template for you to catalogue your own seed bank. This is a simple, and easy to set up template that includes a master table, form, and reports. Just click the link to download and start entering in your own information. The first line contains a quick explanation of what’s already in the database. Please note this database uses Microsoft Access (.accdb file extension), but if you are using OpenOffice you should be able to open and save it as a .odb file.

  • Requesting Seeds From A Government-Run Seed Bank – I had quite a few people ask me how I go about doing this, and I thought it’d be easiest to provide a little hand out/cheat sheet for anybody interested in requesting seeds. This .PDF will take you through the steps to request seeds from either Plant Gene Resources Canada or the USDA National Plant Germplasm System.

  • Tomato Notes – a handy form my volunteers and I use to record our notes for the year. It follows the format of the wiki, but is fully editable by you to fit your needs. Print them up and bring them out, or keep a record on your computer.


Books & Information

Below is a list of books and resources I have found helpful for myself and family pertaining to seeds, gardening, and agriculture. Please note that these are links to purchases through If you decide to purchase through these links, Amazon pays the seed bank a small fee in exchange for the referral. Please consider purchasing these products through the links provided (get yourself something awesome and help the seed bank at the same time!).

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