Moving Right Along…

Here at the Populuxe Seed Bank website things are moving right along!

A few updates for you:

  • Seeds in the Bank is getting a major overhaul with all the varieties currently housed having their information (growth and history notes) added so that visitors to the site will be able to learn more about these varieties easily and quickly. Additional histories and photographs will also be added over the next week.
  • There’s a brand new Articles, Info, & How-To’s section that will contain all the new articles I’ve been busy writing up. The “Create Your Own Seed Bank” article is already up there, but there’s tons more info coming on saving specific varieties, as well as information that is also of interested to seed savers and gardeners.
  • It still looks a little bare, but more info will be up exponentially within the next week, so keep checking back!

    Upcoming Changes

    A lot of info was updated today, so please be sure to take a poke around, read a bit, and send me any questions if you have them.

    I will also be adding lots of information over the next few months. I know a lot of people are quite interested in the Create Your Own Seed Bank tutorial, so I’m going to be building on that with some seed saving how-tos, as well as some other growing how-to’s and information. They will be added to the page list located to the left hand side when they are up and ready.

    Stay tuned!