Site Updates

Current Seed Bank Holdings

One of the things I love most about having everything all in a database now (a migration which took a ridiculous amount of time, but thankfully something I did before the seed bank got as big as it is), is that I can draw up […]

A Few Updates

Oh, there’s lots going on here at the seed bank, even though it’s been a little quiet on the old blog here. Above is a photo of some of the seedlings that are being grown out this year. Here’s a few things that have been […]

Current Seeds for Distribution: Now Updated!

The page listing what seeds the seed bank has for distribution is all updated and waiting for your requests! We have a stack of seeds just waiting to find new homes and new gardeners who will grow, save, and distribute these themselves! Click here to […]

Here We Are

It’s been about two weeks now since the big move, and here we are, still settling in! The seeds are in their new home, and my lovely volunteer back at the old garden is working his fingers to the bone, I’m sure, saving all the […]

And Away We Go

Been working like a busy little bee the past week or so! I’ve been trying desperately to find some more private seed banks around the world to link to, and I’ve found a handful but not many. If you’re aware of any, please feel free […]

Moving Right Along…

Here at the Populuxe Seed Bank website things are moving right along! A few updates for you: Seeds in the Bank is getting a major overhaul with all the varieties currently housed having their information (growth and history notes) added so that visitors to the […]