Quick End Of Season Round Up

It’s high time I posted an update, but I don’t have everything ready for a big round up yet, so this is pretty short and sweet.

I’m feverishly saving seeds at the moment, and almost everything has been saved. Another week or so and everything that was grown in my beds will be catalogued.

My illustrious volunteer growers are also starting to send their varieties in as well, and when their seasons round up all the final tallies will be in, and then the process begins all over again.

It’s been a season with a few ups and downs, so while this year wasn’t as fruitful (so to speak) as last year, I still managed to pull in a haul of about 160lbs of tomatoes, which isn’t too shabby.

I also received an interesting assortment of seeds from Plant Gene Resources Canada that I’ll be excited to trial in the gardens over the next 1-3 years, and I’ll be posting an update about those in the near future.

Stay tuned for a more thorough update coming soon!

New Additions To The Bank

One of the big reasons why I run the annual seed sale every year is to help procure funds for further acquisitions for the bank. Thanks to everybody who’s purchased seed so far this year, procurement has already begun!

Here’s a few of the varieties I’ve been able to obtain in the past few weeks:


    Bunte Pflaume
    Dwarf Wild Fred
    Eva Purple Ball
    Gold Ball
    Golden Egg
    Italian Noire
    Lime Green Salad
    Mountain Princess
    Perth Pride
    Rozovye Gryozy
    Schappis Küsnachter Alpenglühn
    Summer Cider
    Tartar from Mongolstan
    Uluru Ochre
    Val’s Black Striped
    Waltingers Fleisch aus Indien


    Broad Windsor (Fava)
    Canadian Wonder
    Nowegian Brown
    Speckled Cranberry
    Thibodeau du Comté Beauce

Would you like to see a complete list of what holdings the bank currently has? You can view that by clicking right here (list is in PDF form).

Four More Seed Varieties

I find great joy out of acquiring seeds for varieties that are rare. It’s one of the reasons I’ve started to request a small selection of seeds from Plant Gene Resources Canada every year to grow out for the seed bank. Through this I’ve also found that “Seed Exchange Technician” is an actual job that somebody has, and if it weren’t for the fact that it was located in Saskatchewan, I would do everything in my power to make that my job. Saskatchewan is just way too cold for me. Despite the fact I was raised on the prairies, I’m a huge wuss with the cold.

But I digress.

This year I kept it minimal because I still had a selection of varieties from last year to grow out (‘Green Lime’, ‘Platillo’, and ‘Americke Pyramidni’) so I restrained myself and only requested four varieties. Here’s a bit about them:

  • Tomato ‘Saint Pierre’ (CN 640). Originally from France, given to a collector in Alberta in 1966, then donated to PGRC in 1974. All that’s available on this one is that it has an oblate shape, is bi- or tri-coloured (red/orange/yellow) and that it’s late maturing.
  • Tomato ‘Scr 5’ (CN 18761). Collected from the Canary Islands of Spain in 1986 and given to PGRC. A late maturing red oblate fruit, regular leaf.
  • Tomato ‘Colorado Grueso’ (CN 1466). Collected originally from Argentina by the USDA in 1937, then obtained by a collector in Alberta, and ultimately donated to PGRC in 1967. Oblate bi- or tri- coloured fruit with an uneven pleated shape, smallish plant, but indetermiante. Early maturing.
  • Tomato ‘Agona Local’ (CN 18218). Seed donated to PGRC by a Mr. Agble in 1989. Variety originally from Ghana (and the name would suggest from the town of Agona). Later maturing determinate plant, regular leaf, red fruit.
  • Spring Has Sprung

    Oh, there have been lots of updates around the old site and with the seed bank lately! With spring here on Vancouver Island I’ve been getting my ducks all in a row for the upcoming season, and am very excited with how it’s shaping up already.

    Last year with the wrath of La Nina, we were still experiencing snow, and the cold, wet weather pushed through to the end of May. It was a bad season, but this year is shaping up to be much better already (despite threats of another La Nina, which didn’t seem to affect us too much).

    The annual seed bank fundraiser is now on!

    I want to take a minute to thank everybody who’s already purchased seed through the shop. There are more seeds available, and a great selection of my favourites. The seed bank is almost completely run out of my pocket as a labour of love, so the funds raised from this annual sale go a long way to helping the seed bank out through the year. If you’re looking at purchasing some tomato seeds, take a look at what I have available, which include many rare varieties, several of which aren’t available through any commercial source.

    As usual, the seed for distribution page is currently on hiatus until the fundraiser is over (generally around mid to late May).

    2012 Grow List is available!

    Picking which varieties to grow every year is always one of my favourite things to do, and involves many hours of humming and hawing over which seeds to plant. This year I’m pushing 40 different tomato varietiesagain, and am really excited with some of them! If you’re interested to see what’s in store, go here to take a look at the list. I’ll actually be expanding the garden again this year, so that list is due to increase as I take account of the new space.

    Current holdings now available

    Click here to view the most updated list of what is in the bank. Getting close to the 200 mark!

    2012 Growers

    I will be needing growers again (as usual) for the seed bank. There are a lot of varieties that require a big increase in quantity for proper storage. If you are interested, please send me an email via this form with your interest, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m still catching up after some computer issues – if you’ve sent me a message the last four weeks and you haven’t heard back, please send me another one!

    Website Maintenance

    This is not nearly as interesting, but I know there are some broken images/links around the site and I’m working on getting those all fixed up. I moved servers a few weeks ago and am still playing catch up. Please bear with me!

    Until next time!

    New Additions, Projects, & More

    Solanum grow-outs for 2011

    I know it’s been a little quiet around here as of late, but lots of things have been happening behind the scenes, let me tell you! To make it a bit more easily digestible, here’s a handy bulleted list:

  • The seed sale is still going on! It’s now been opened up to people outside North America, as well as having several new varieties added for sale. Some varieties are really running low, and once they’re out, I won’t be re-offering for a few years. Get them while you can! Visit: kelly.etsy.com
  • You’ll see there have been changes made to the actual site, nothing insane, but just to make it a little easier to read. To view articles on seed saving techniques of different plants, as well as other articles, click the link over to your left, and then click the page you want to be taken to. Easy! Nothing’s been taken down, just (hopefully) better organized.
  • STOW – The seed tip of the week – will be back in action tomorrow. There’ll be a new one posted every Sunday, so keep checking back for that!
  • There’s a brand new projects page up and running that’ll be constantly updated with current projects going on by the bank. Some new and exciting projects are in the works, so keep checking that page (and this blog!) for updates
  • We’ve had some more additions to the bank thanks to some awesome donors, with even more on the way! Check out the seeds in the bank to see what they are.
  • That’s it for now – more things are in the works, stay tuned.