Tomato Tasting: ‘Tlacolula Ribbed’

Tomato ‘Tlacolula Ribbed’ When I went to school I studied archaeology, specifically of the Pre-Classic and Classic Maya, and even more specifically, the trade routes and agriculture of those areas. So what does this have to do with my tomatoes you ask? A lot actually. 

Tomato Tasting: ‘Moskvich’

Tomato ‘Moskvich’ This is one of the rare occasions when I didn’t start my plant from seed. I actually saw this for sale at a local store, but had never heard of it before. It was sitting in a rack with a bunch of plants 

Tomato Tasting: ‘Fantome Du Laos’

Tomato ‘Fantome Du Laos’ AKA ‘Ghost of Laos’ Ah, ‘Fantome Du Laos’, how quickly you captured my heart when I first happened upon your picture online! Joking aside, I really did fall head over heals for this tomato when I first read about it. What 

Tomato Tasting ‘Orange Strawberry’

Tomato ‘Orange Strawberry’ This tomato was the absolute super star of the garden this year. Big, showy, screaming “look at me!” with ever fibre of its being all summer. The seeds were sent to me by fellow tomato nut-job and enthusiast Sheena, from Ontario. This 

Tomato Tasting: ‘Black Sea Man’

Tomato ‘Black Sea Man’ Ah, ‘Black Sea Man’. Be still my beating heart. I don’t quite remember where my original seed was sourced from a few years ago and how I first came upon this tomato. If I had to guess, I’d probably say Gayla